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1017179313935 Articles of Incorporation Articles of Incorporation803 MBArticles of Incorporation.pdf1/11/2018
2017179413935 BYLAWS BYLAWS130291 KBBYLAWS.pdf1/11/2018
3017179513935 DCCR's - Sec 1 DCCR's - Sec 1164940 KBDCCR's - Sec 1.pdf1/11/2018
4017179613935 DCCR's - Sec 2 DCCR's - Sec 258913 KBDCCR's - Sec 2.pdf1/11/2018
5017179713935 DCCR's - Sec 3 DCCR's - Sec 351951 KBDCCR's - Sec 3.pdf1/11/2018
6017179813935 DCCR's - Sec 4 DCCR's - Sec 464869 KBDCCR's - Sec 4.pdf1/11/2018
7025825913935 Adjacent Lot Use Guideline Adjacent Lot Use Guideline43145 KBAdjacent Lot Use Guideline.pdf10/25/2018
8025826013935 Drought Resistany&Water Conserving Drought Resistany&Water Conserving16166 KBDrought Resistany&Water Conserving.pdf10/25/2018
9025826113935 Flag Display Guideline Flag Display Guideline38283 KBFlag Display Guideline.pdf10/25/2018
10025826213935 Standby Electric Generator Guideline Standby Electric Generator Guideline33183 KBStandby Electric Generator Guideline.pdf10/25/2018
11030681113935 1st Amendment to DCCR- Landscaping 1st Amendment to DCCR- Landscaping106277 KB1st Amendment to DCCR- Landscaping.pdf4/10/2019
12030681213935 2nd Amendment to Bylaws 2nd Amendment to Bylaws79198 KB2nd Amendment to Bylaws.pdf4/10/2019
13060545613935 Amended Religious Display Guidelines Amended Religious Display Guidelines26134 KBAmended Religious Display Guidelines.pdf11/17/2021
14060545713935 Amended Security Measures Guidelines Amended Security Measures Guidelines35134 KBAmended Security Measures Guidelines.pdf11/17/2021
15066979013935 2nd Amemdment to DCCR's 2nd Amemdment to DCCR's40245 KB2nd_amemdment_to_dccr's.pdf6/3/2022